An exhibition about being in a room

Nov 27th ― Nov 30th
TV04, Tournooiveld 4, The Hague

Artists: Anne Schaarschmidt, Christie Partelow, Daniel van Straalen, kunrad, Rutkay Özpinar

Imagine you are sitting in a room. You have been there for some time, you are not sure anymore how long, it could be hours or days. You are waiting. You don't even know for what. And no one else can be there with you...

An exhibition which brings together local artists from different disciplines to create one fully immersive experience for the visitor at a site specific location in The Hague. Something on the border of art, theatre, a waiting room, your living room and dance. An intimate, uncanny, reassuring yet estranging experience for estranged times.

Curated by Anastasia Loginova

A collaboration with Spot ON US.
Supported by ANNA Vastgoed & Cultuur.